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Friday, June 27th, 2003
2:29 pm - Prefuse 73- One Word Extinguisher (2003)
Scott Herren's first album under the Prefuse 73 moniker sent many head spinning with its fresh take on instrumental hip hop, employing vocal snippets as rhythm, and glitched beats anchoring some very pleasing melodies. The album was a definitive success and has assured Herren a spot in the upper echelon of independent music makers, with immense, cross-genre appeal. One would think that following up such an album would be more than a slightly daunting task; but Herren easily delivers his finest work to date. Much of the vocal cutting has dropped out of the mix, only to be replaced by more chopped up instruments, and sound snippets; overall, the album probably has equivalent glitch-intricacy, but this album is an infinitely more funky affair than its predecessor. In fact, it is an infinitely more funky affair than most any other album i've ever heard in my life. Tracks like "Detchibe", the title track, and the Daedelus collaboration "Busy Signal" are fully capable of kicking the living shit out of anything the Neptunes, Timbaland, or those shady fellows at Shady records, could ever drop on a dance floor. The Dabrye collaboration "Uprock and Invigorate" boasts interesting, irresistible, and innovative beats, while still capturing an old school, native toungues-styled vibe, with the keyboard and bass samples. Herren picks choice MCs for his collaborations, with Mr. Lif dropping a thoughtful interlude ("you live ignorant/ but expect to die wise"), and Diverse delivering the fully-blown rap track; his only flaw being that it isn't humanly possible to vary the human voice enough to compete with Herren's backing production. Tracks like the epic Tommy Guerrero collaboration "Storm Returns", and the superb "Perverted Undertone" show Herren perfecting his slow-burning groove, although it seems he can't help but infuse such tracks (particularly "Perverted Undertone") with occasional upbeat energy. The vocal manipulation has certainly not disappeared altogether, either, with a very soulful collaboration with Jenny Vasquez "Why I Love You" (see "Afternoon Love-in", from the first album) , residing on the back end of the album, with Vasquez's vocals sounding like Destiny's Child run through a spin cycle. The interludes are leaden with carefully picked samples, and render the album cinematic in nature. This album is solid through and through, with not a single dud track amongst the 21 it offers; a great deal of the tracks, are epic bangers with tireless vitality. The composition is just as challenging as the usual warp records fare, but while other artists on the label remain more than an arm's length away from accessibility, this album is very easy to listen to, and i can see no reason why pasty laptop kids, hiphop headz, and teeny boppers wouldn't share the dance floor for this one. With a consistent flow of excellent releases from Herren's new label Eastern Developments (check out the solo work from Dabrye, Daedelus...etc.), Herren's crew is quickly establishing itself as one of the most reliable sources of new and exciting hip hop, where old guards such as Ninja Tunes, are faltering. Herren's achievements here are no short of monumental, as he reconciles old and new, simple and difficult; this album is my summer album of '03, my current pick for album of the year, and although the year is still young, i have a feeling it will still be up there, when the dust has cleared. DJ Shadow, may have given us the album he needed to give, RJD2 gave us what we wanted, but Prefuse brings us what we need, with a legitimate (and original) successor to DJ Shadow's '96 offering, "Endtroducing". While it may have taken 7 years, the wait was well worth it.

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Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
12:58 am - for real this time
i have finally returned to this barren wasteland of a journal filled with... well not much of anything...
This, of course, must change... and right now (when i ought to be ready for english) is the time for such bold actions... and so, without further ado, the very first cd review on the snob's lj...

RJD2- DeadRinger (Def Jux) 2002
Approaching the new year, i was very intent on having a list of my 10 favourite records from this year... and why not? this year, more than any past year, i was well prepared to do this, having spent copious amounts of time finding, listening, finding, listening... (reevaluating what to turn my nose up on... and whatnot)
No matter how many good records i've heard from 2002, i still feel as though taking a stab at it would be premature at this point. That said, I do know that one of the coveted 10 recordings would definitely be the hip hop opus crafted by Ohio's (Columbus, i believe...?) RJD2. For those of you out there with higher hipster quotients are probably familiar with some of the works on El-P's Def Jux("definitive juxtapostions") hip-hop label, such as El's own "Fantastic Damage", Mr. Lif's "I, Phantom" (both also very good, and out in '02), or perhaps the groundbreaking hip hop record of 2001: "The Cold Vein" by Cannibal Ox. The Def Jux "sound" is typically a very gritty industrial thump, which could be described as how Trent Reznor might sound if he were doing a Public Enemy cover; however, on this record RJ goes for a much more funky-jazzy feel. The oft (and i mean oft) made comparison is to DJ Shadow... and i wouldn't be reiterating this if it wasn't completely true. The easiest reference point is definitely Shadow's essential '96 release "Endtroducing", and to be perfectly honest with you, this is a good thing. It may not be breaking new ground, but up until this point, nothing has come close to the sound of "Endtroducing" and it doesn't bother me to have a second recording in my collection which sounds as sweet. The album opens with the melodic siren wail of the Horror, which sounds like a perfect start to the album. It all kicks up into high gear on the third track, "Smoke and Mirrors" which is anchored by a vocal sample which sounds oh-so-much like Jimi Hendrix and makes use of the mutating kicks and snares which put "endtroducing" ahead of most everything else back in '96. The first track accompanied by an MC is "Final Frontier" with Blueprint, who holds his own alongside the beats and soul-singer sample accompaniment, but certainly doesn't bring a man to tears, with eloquence bordering on facetiousness (big words don't always cut it). Jakki O's collaboration with RJ on "F.H.H." is definitely the worst song on the album, and a perfect example of the underground spinning it's wheels; criticizing the pop-hoppers without any real solutions. The other MC guest appearance is made by Copywrite on "June", and while his rhymes probably go over the best, i really have to question why the MC input on this album is generally negative and angry (particularly in this song's case) when the rest of the album is very exuberant and upbeat in nature. When Copywrite isn't dropping his woes about his dead father, RJD2 unleashes a violently funky guitar sample, which varies smoothly enough to sound as though they had a live guitarist in the studio. As the album progresses, the production only gets better, and the impressive nature of the opener is eclipsed, many times over, by "Chicken Bone Circuit" and "The Proxy", both of which could go blow for blow with any Shadow track (although both are successful because of elements which are very much present on many of Shadow's works... ie: thick organ tones, meandering breaks, and fast-but-somehow-ambient guitar licks). "Take the Picture Off" is the perfect one minute track employing a monster break which would be enough to send any crowd (even an awkward, predominantly white, canadian crowd) into an arm-waving frenzy. Ultimately, this album is solid throughout (with very little exception), and it would be difficult to pick an overall standout track. If you like hip-hop, check it out; if not... still check it out! Because, much like another certain figure in the hip hop world (just this once, he shall remain nameless), the appeal is universal.

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2001
7:26 pm
maybe i should actually use this space... maybe i should become a castrato... moviesmoviesmovies...

yes... it will force me to share some thoughts about them, this is a good thing... i dub this site my movie comment site! want to see gleanings of this genus (not a spelling error)? i have a lot of writing on http://www.opendiary.com/entryview53.asp?authorcode=A361994&entry=10062
... most of it could be called poetry, although that sound like a really contrived word to use to describe the bile which spills over the sides...

first film comment to be made in journal: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest didn't impress me (this comment is a simple, trivial one-liner with the explicit purpose of provocation... but everyone has to start somewhere...)

current mood: indifferent

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2001
12:10 am - The Teamsters are coming to get you
A pleasing heat, manifested itself in the hollowed-out tank of my trunk. It had been raining and the inverse warmth seemed to pass right through the physical vessel, sending flashes of radiation into my aura. Perhaps it rekindled this damp summer night... the rain had been a welcome release from the unrelenting bonfire which knows no limit it seems. Now the flames have returned from their wane and are quite overpowering it must be said. The heat sickness seers through, cuts out the blue and swells a hue of rouge. A restlessness pulses through the veins and my back gives constantly under the infinite, dull, lashes of molten steel. Tiny incandescence takes on an air of firey grandeur. this is not the happiness it used to be...
I ache for you
I yearn for you
Become an oasis
A cool electricity for to startle this torch of comatose
This perspirant blanket of wool
Induces rashes of superfluous unsettling

current mood: uncomfortable

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Friday, June 29th, 2001
1:05 am - It's all about delivery... i feel sick
I've said it once before
I was standing at the lectern moving my eyes Between you and the
My fleeting speech leaden with implications of
Hideous flesh
Resting upon an inner sanctum with high hopes for the
Perception which follows it
Few choose to pass through the gaping window
The snake scares the people away
(they read their scripture)
Those who didn't merely stray away from the
Dirty walls and broken glass which encircle the
It isn't righteous
Yet i yearn for a restoration of the once adequate
Walls surrounding my palace of feeling and thought
Clear the cobwebs!... i know that if i could just...
... wasn't preordained as such
Cue the music Steve!
C'est la vie! C'est la vie, C'est la vie...
Get the little animals on stage...
Make them dance while they sing the song!
Package it and sell it!
Throw in a toothbrush with a sticker!
Throw in a revolver!
Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun...
That purple dinosaur crap doesn't carry so much weight
Happiness and good will are obselete
That's what she told me over coffee
Something about the way she said it
Set me free
Now it was with all the will power I could muster
That I didn't put a bullet between her pretty eyes
She had a piece of me
I fused to her
Because i needed her
Like a parasite
But then my fangs grew back
And i bit the hand which fed me the
Will to live
She was all the air surrounding my tiny
Now I'll burn a blemish on your perfect skin
Beautiful bitch
Brazen whore
Your words are lost in air now
They carried no weight so they floated away
I let them float away
You tantalized eternally
Now i'll pierce my eyes if that'll help me
Get away
The happy thoughts were yours
The morose void around them was yours too
I will live once more
Until i meet another whore
Whose cespit grin will bring my drunken eyes
To tears
Which once lingered
While i was getting under your skin
Heat me up, bend me out of shape
Twist my reality
Withdraw and watch me set
Then see the cripple fall into
Another web
Hope I'll survive this one
Maybe not...

current mood: enraged

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1:02 am - You wouldn't remember me, i was wearing a skimask
Meet me under the bridge tonight
Wear whatever is comfortable
(it's all the same to me)
We can walk along the waterfront
The moon and the stars could cast a gaze of
Ethereal ambiance
On our starbird side the river
Reflecting the lit windows in skyscrapers
So tall, so very far away
On our port side the wat torn streets
Stained with so many pointless experiments
Gone awry
Like us
I'll protect you from the muggers if you'll
Just lie and say you love me
Just don't vomit when you look at my sordid smile
Slip into my lovers' skin like a dress you return
Smile, you can always wash your hands after
I can be a bad dream
A malaised nightmare you'll never have again
Wait for my heart to slip inside
Then sink your fangs into me
Call the pimp out from behind the limo parked nearby
Beat me until i'm begging
Bludgeon me further
Just don't forget to smile when our eyes meet
While you drown me in the murky water

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, June 28th, 2001
12:32 am - "At the back of my mind i hear the engines whine,"


current mood: Cathartic

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12:31 am - I
So tired
Rest the weary muscles
Sleep the heavy eyelids
Dream a dream of greener pastures
Wake up and weap tears into the
Scorched dirt
Cry yourself back to sleep
Wake up on a garden bed with your bags packed
And bags get heavier and
Until your knees buckle under the inevitable
The crushing wheel
Fast flowing pinion runs the light out of your eyes
How many more waking hours
Will disturb my eternal slumber?
Pity the insomnable
Who walks the lonely streets
While the light drips down from moon and steetlight
And every steo runs for miles to find
An indifferent ear
Turned inwards to grant emissary
To the surreal suggestion of the
Inner eye
Pity the narcoleptic
Who can't escape the nightmares
Turns off, whilst all about him
The chaos swarms
One who does not have the choice
When the mind's eye sings its
Siren's song
Which shred the aura
Into delicate stain glass shards
Which once so delicately
Illuminated the sanctuary which used to
Sustain its jilted spirit
The echoes of sermons now but a
The pulpit soaked in
The silence
Which filled the vacuum
The wounds reopen with the familiar
Scarlet staining the tired limbs
The nails
Still very much intact
A prosthetic part of the idol
One who was defiled by his own people
The eternal sigh slowly lends a stream of wisdom
Tributary to the large river
Down which the populus has embarked
In search of some relief
From the everlasting gaze of suffrage
Frozen upon the face of the apostolics...
There's your "shoot first ask questions later", asshole!

current mood: discontent

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12:29 am - Make
Is it exemplary of a higher state of being?
Or is it pathetic cowardice?
There is no light which guides me
No star leading me to the one
(the one who will have me)
So i don't see any problem with you
Stepping on my toes
You're being a human
Living with purpose
I am fumbling about in a murky cloud of black
The cloud hasn't lifted
Hasn't dissipated
So if i am unobtrusive
I won't cause a second wrong
Because it really doesn't make a right
So i'll crouch
And echolocate the success stories
Buzzing about
Lighting up the space which they penetrate
So i know which way to shuffle
When the express passes
I suppose there is some dignity
In failing
My wool is shorn
And i'm on the scenic route
As i watch the sea of white pass by on the path below
I can't help but feel cold
I miss the wool which bound me to the exodus
I wouldn't dream of shearing others
I'll just walk ahead and clear the track
A donation to the glory of a nation
The catylyst preceding the spiral
The waking hours spent before the falling dream

current mood: numb

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12:25 am - The
NOTHING TO SAY... for now...
how can one remiss their feelings... how could it be that way? in the words, of John Milton (from the Devils' Advocate), god is a sadist... if he's up there, i suppose if you're the devil you believe in god... what i want to know is why would the devil support gods' cause? why would he brandish the souls of the fallen, for eternity?
why not, embrace those who take part in the activities that lead the to the iron gates of the city of dis? i believe that those who end in the great below... would partake in the circus of sins which weighed them down... and those sins which brought them pleasure then... will only rub their face farther into rock bottom, like extreme gravity which sin can create like nothing else... i suppose if their is a god, i will be going to hell, now wouldn't that be awful... being a perfectly fine individual (far from the truth but i try not to hurt anyone), but being a heretic...
and this atypical journal entry is spent...

current mood: drained

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Monday, June 25th, 2001
2:23 pm - Colours
Running on empty
You can feel every inch of yourself
How that can drain you
You've ran your blood through the dirt
And it shows
Hard work yields hardened ugliness
You're callous
You've proved your worth
You couldn't feel any more worthless
Some people weren't born for any reason
But to further the mechanics of society
Cogs, spokes, gears
You and and run
And when you're done you're done
Then you're replaced
By another faceless grain
The remains of your endlessly
Tortured vessel
Will be snorted by movies stars and wall street execs
The adrenaline only adds to the thrill of being
And when they fall from their high peak
And you see the hard beating they've taken
You'll wish it was you
They died instantly
When you fell, you got sick of waiting
You found on a rock on the ground
And finished the job

current mood: sore

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2:19 pm - Go
How foolish i was
To deprive myself of an idol
So many reasons to hate elaborate scripture lies
But the sorrows could melt away
In the downpour of placebos
Take the drugs
You'll bend your mind
You'll alleviate your misery
That follows you through life
Like a tail
See the dog chase its tail
See the dog bite off its tail
See the tail grow back
See the dog whimper
But it was worth while
For those fleeting moments of ignorant bliss
Praise the lard
Purge the evil from your soul
Or at least forget it
Just shut up and listen to the noisy white man
I wish someone could've told me that
Hold the floodgates closed
Don't challenge your barriers
If you demolish parts of the
Something else will crumble
I threw away the blanket
And everything isn't going to be okay

current mood: distressed

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2:33 am - It's a funhouse 'cause its fun silly!
Everywhere you turn
There is a smirking devil
Reciprocating your desires
Try to forget that we're all the same
It makes it so much easier on yourself
When you can fool yourself into thinking that
You are unique
But if you put your eye up to the microscope
You'll see
The same bones as
Which makes him wrong
And you an alter ego
Archetypical human
That knowledge
Can bore a whole straight through your
You'll ask me 'why anybody would want to know this'
I could lie and say I don't know
But you hate being lied to
That's the answer
People want the truth
The truth is out there
Just wait for some dumb motherfucker to
Broadcast it across North America
For all to suffer
I'm not a liar
I'm a preservist!
You want the truth? Fine!
You were born without a friend
And bound to die alone!
The number of people i know who have
Found happiness in the end
Is very small
That bitch needed the truth
So i gave it to her
When the blood washed away
She left me
And we held the following truths to be
She is hurt
She knows who i really am
She is jaded
I am responsible
She will never stop hurting
'Cause she will never stop learning

current mood: dirty

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2:29 am - Light Emitting Doldrums
Hello, my name is Alex, and i have an addiction
I've just lost my will to fight it
The bull coughed and sputtered
Spent a lifetime chasing after that
Damn red cloth
But that motherfucker
just kept yanking it
Out from under you
Well... rest in the dirt for a while
He can't take something you won't reach for
You won't be happy
But no matter what you did it just wasn't in the cards
Don't waste any more breath
In vain
The trenchant rain comes down
And it's hard not to feel as though it's always
Been this way
What did you have?
What do you have?
The rain runs crimson
You laugh to yourself!
You beat the system!
You kept your shirt...
What's left to do?
Waste away
Hopefully you didn't piss anyone off
So you can climb the
Karma scales
Be the dhalilama next time
Or maybe a matador
Then again hope seems pretty naive for someone who just got bucked
Off of their purpose
In vain

current mood: lethargic

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2:26 am - Jesus was a closet Republican
The comatose cow
Was it good for you?
Nothing like so many faces which drift pass their
That's the way your life can happen
If you acquiesce
But if you're born mute
Then you're fucked
What do you do then
Cower in the catacombs?
If you can't be the stones
Be the crucifix
Be the nails
Be part of the hatred
Catch the wave dude!
Me? I'm unsubstantiated
But i am the crown of thorns
And i do not want this
You can't turn the other cheek
When you're nailed to the cross
Misanthropy for sale at a coonvenience store near you
It's now or when your face corrodes in the acid mist
Vagrant souls
Kill 'em so they don't have to kill themsleves
Some people just aren't fit for living
They trust
They love
They hurt
They Fail
I bleed and bleed and bleed

current mood: aggravated

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Friday, June 15th, 2001
8:26 pm - Solitude In Heaven
A placid lake bracing in anticipation of
Who says there's no fear in paradise?
or Indifference
Ambience is omnipresent in the sense that
Ambience is the foundation upon which
Chaos assembles
Tranquility parallels with the furious barrage
Like yin and yang
Infinite sadness
Nothing at all
The still empty air
No one passes through
No seperating the air
No seeing new places
This still air is also omnipresent
You can't feel it aruond you
But it is there
Just like i'm standing here before you
Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow
How does 2:30 sound?

current mood: cold

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Sunday, June 10th, 2001
1:56 am - Covering John Cougar Mellencamp in celibacy
What happened to the thoughts?
Or lack thereof
Y'all look so suave today
Flowers, talking, blooming
But there's a weed in eden
It's me
I didn't ask to be this way
But I am the illegitimate mistake
Someone had to be
I volunteered 'cause i hate to see others suffer
But i'll drain you all the same
I'll suck the source from which you
Don't turn my way
I'll imbibe your regurgitates
And you'll be empty just like me
Loathsome parasite
Pierced the flesh of this Adonis
The tiny gear which brought the collosal machine to it's knees
Count your blessings
When your parasite is benevolent
And only rears it's hideous face
When it's coming up for air.

current mood: lonely

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1:53 am - A Vomit For All Seasons
Behemoth Golgotha man perched on his
Little stool at the bottom of this spiral... er um room
We all sit, slide down the slope
Into golgotha's gaping mouth
Prancing around in a sophisticated
Educated tinker-bell facade
The thing about golgotha's is they never waver from their perch
He's already hit bottom, so he
Sits there flailing his tentacles at the innocent psyches wandering the grimacing
Face of the earth
He'll inflate you full of spite and send you on your way, out of control
and When your journey is over
You'll be empty
no sadness
but no happiness
just a waste of time
like this one
i'm sorry sir, it's just that this ink is
So void

current mood: nauseated

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1:49 am - Floating Weeds
DJ Shadow is ethereal soul lubricating... gloom never floated with such elegance... the midnight bus... one i hope to ride for many times more... half asleep, half removed from the multicoloured soft seats of the minibus which runs this late. And i can still smell your sex lingering on my upperlip and fingers... and i like it. My mouth swells as though your tongue was still gliding through it, the experienced Zephyr. Meditate upon the day, admire the flickering of the tiny lights. Luminating only enough to carry on our life, yet imitate the just desserts we fear... Back into the brisk air which the night inhales so greedily. A lust for the hibernation, a need for some time away from the parasites... the streets give of mist, a sweat they collected from the dirty feet of the nomadic. And I, your lone journeyman, must stop to spin...so that i may catch every corner of your beauty. The moon defracts through the wintered tree branches and from the streetlight flows a gentle warmth which paints a dusk long forgotten upon the crystals of snow. All the puddles, reflecting pools in which as above, so below. And i leave you be to reconnect with my soul, safe within my home. You are safe from me now. I will ride this midnight bus through the perfect world I know; the empty one.

current mood: content

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Friday, June 8th, 2001
6:46 pm - 120 days of armchair fucking
We are one.
We swirled together like a double helix of incense reaching towards the celestial pictures, you told me I looked cute when we kissed... and so i watched through the mirror, like an empty keyhole from which a passionate smoke seeped into the world... i leered at us... it was surreal
... the ragged appearance of the room antithesized that which went on from the corner of my eye, echolocated back again to where i stood... and i felt real... i had forgotten, and i will forget again... the reminder is the fingers gently placed on my scalp... the oasis where the libido revives.

current mood: horny

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