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It's a funhouse 'cause its fun silly!

Everywhere you turn
There is a smirking devil
Reciprocating your desires
Try to forget that we're all the same
It makes it so much easier on yourself
When you can fool yourself into thinking that
You are unique
But if you put your eye up to the microscope
You'll see
The same bones as
Which makes him wrong
And you an alter ego
Archetypical human
That knowledge
Can bore a whole straight through your
You'll ask me 'why anybody would want to know this'
I could lie and say I don't know
But you hate being lied to
That's the answer
People want the truth
The truth is out there
Just wait for some dumb motherfucker to
Broadcast it across North America
For all to suffer
I'm not a liar
I'm a preservist!
You want the truth? Fine!
You were born without a friend
And bound to die alone!
The number of people i know who have
Found happiness in the end
Is very small
That bitch needed the truth
So i gave it to her
When the blood washed away
She left me
And we held the following truths to be
She is hurt
She knows who i really am
She is jaded
I am responsible
She will never stop hurting
'Cause she will never stop learning
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