Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III (das_ubermensch) wrote,
Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III

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How foolish i was
To deprive myself of an idol
So many reasons to hate elaborate scripture lies
But the sorrows could melt away
In the downpour of placebos
Take the drugs
You'll bend your mind
You'll alleviate your misery
That follows you through life
Like a tail
See the dog chase its tail
See the dog bite off its tail
See the tail grow back
See the dog whimper
But it was worth while
For those fleeting moments of ignorant bliss
Praise the lard
Purge the evil from your soul
Or at least forget it
Just shut up and listen to the noisy white man
I wish someone could've told me that
Hold the floodgates closed
Don't challenge your barriers
If you demolish parts of the
Something else will crumble
I threw away the blanket
And everything isn't going to be okay
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