Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III (das_ubermensch) wrote,
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Running on empty
You can feel every inch of yourself
How that can drain you
You've ran your blood through the dirt
And it shows
Hard work yields hardened ugliness
You're callous
You've proved your worth
You couldn't feel any more worthless
Some people weren't born for any reason
But to further the mechanics of society
Cogs, spokes, gears
You and and run
And when you're done you're done
Then you're replaced
By another faceless grain
The remains of your endlessly
Tortured vessel
Will be snorted by movies stars and wall street execs
The adrenaline only adds to the thrill of being
And when they fall from their high peak
And you see the hard beating they've taken
You'll wish it was you
They died instantly
When you fell, you got sick of waiting
You found on a rock on the ground
And finished the job
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