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NOTHING TO SAY... for now...
how can one remiss their feelings... how could it be that way? in the words, of John Milton (from the Devils' Advocate), god is a sadist... if he's up there, i suppose if you're the devil you believe in god... what i want to know is why would the devil support gods' cause? why would he brandish the souls of the fallen, for eternity?
why not, embrace those who take part in the activities that lead the to the iron gates of the city of dis? i believe that those who end in the great below... would partake in the circus of sins which weighed them down... and those sins which brought them pleasure then... will only rub their face farther into rock bottom, like extreme gravity which sin can create like nothing else... i suppose if their is a god, i will be going to hell, now wouldn't that be awful... being a perfectly fine individual (far from the truth but i try not to hurt anyone), but being a heretic...
and this atypical journal entry is spent...
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