Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III (das_ubermensch) wrote,
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Is it exemplary of a higher state of being?
Or is it pathetic cowardice?
There is no light which guides me
No star leading me to the one
(the one who will have me)
So i don't see any problem with you
Stepping on my toes
You're being a human
Living with purpose
I am fumbling about in a murky cloud of black
The cloud hasn't lifted
Hasn't dissipated
So if i am unobtrusive
I won't cause a second wrong
Because it really doesn't make a right
So i'll crouch
And echolocate the success stories
Buzzing about
Lighting up the space which they penetrate
So i know which way to shuffle
When the express passes
I suppose there is some dignity
In failing
My wool is shorn
And i'm on the scenic route
As i watch the sea of white pass by on the path below
I can't help but feel cold
I miss the wool which bound me to the exodus
I wouldn't dream of shearing others
I'll just walk ahead and clear the track
A donation to the glory of a nation
The catylyst preceding the spiral
The waking hours spent before the falling dream
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