Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III (das_ubermensch) wrote,
Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III

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You wouldn't remember me, i was wearing a skimask

Meet me under the bridge tonight
Wear whatever is comfortable
(it's all the same to me)
We can walk along the waterfront
The moon and the stars could cast a gaze of
Ethereal ambiance
On our starbird side the river
Reflecting the lit windows in skyscrapers
So tall, so very far away
On our port side the wat torn streets
Stained with so many pointless experiments
Gone awry
Like us
I'll protect you from the muggers if you'll
Just lie and say you love me
Just don't vomit when you look at my sordid smile
Slip into my lovers' skin like a dress you return
Smile, you can always wash your hands after
I can be a bad dream
A malaised nightmare you'll never have again
Wait for my heart to slip inside
Then sink your fangs into me
Call the pimp out from behind the limo parked nearby
Beat me until i'm begging
Bludgeon me further
Just don't forget to smile when our eyes meet
While you drown me in the murky water
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