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It's all about delivery... i feel sick

I've said it once before
I was standing at the lectern moving my eyes Between you and the
My fleeting speech leaden with implications of
Hideous flesh
Resting upon an inner sanctum with high hopes for the
Perception which follows it
Few choose to pass through the gaping window
The snake scares the people away
(they read their scripture)
Those who didn't merely stray away from the
Dirty walls and broken glass which encircle the
It isn't righteous
Yet i yearn for a restoration of the once adequate
Walls surrounding my palace of feeling and thought
Clear the cobwebs!... i know that if i could just...
... wasn't preordained as such
Cue the music Steve!
C'est la vie! C'est la vie, C'est la vie...
Get the little animals on stage...
Make them dance while they sing the song!
Package it and sell it!
Throw in a toothbrush with a sticker!
Throw in a revolver!
Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun...
That purple dinosaur crap doesn't carry so much weight
Happiness and good will are obselete
That's what she told me over coffee
Something about the way she said it
Set me free
Now it was with all the will power I could muster
That I didn't put a bullet between her pretty eyes
She had a piece of me
I fused to her
Because i needed her
Like a parasite
But then my fangs grew back
And i bit the hand which fed me the
Will to live
She was all the air surrounding my tiny
Now I'll burn a blemish on your perfect skin
Beautiful bitch
Brazen whore
Your words are lost in air now
They carried no weight so they floated away
I let them float away
You tantalized eternally
Now i'll pierce my eyes if that'll help me
Get away
The happy thoughts were yours
The morose void around them was yours too
I will live once more
Until i meet another whore
Whose cespit grin will bring my drunken eyes
To tears
Which once lingered
While i was getting under your skin
Heat me up, bend me out of shape
Twist my reality
Withdraw and watch me set
Then see the cripple fall into
Another web
Hope I'll survive this one
Maybe not...
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