Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III (das_ubermensch) wrote,
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The Teamsters are coming to get you

A pleasing heat, manifested itself in the hollowed-out tank of my trunk. It had been raining and the inverse warmth seemed to pass right through the physical vessel, sending flashes of radiation into my aura. Perhaps it rekindled this damp summer night... the rain had been a welcome release from the unrelenting bonfire which knows no limit it seems. Now the flames have returned from their wane and are quite overpowering it must be said. The heat sickness seers through, cuts out the blue and swells a hue of rouge. A restlessness pulses through the veins and my back gives constantly under the infinite, dull, lashes of molten steel. Tiny incandescence takes on an air of firey grandeur. this is not the happiness it used to be...
I ache for you
I yearn for you
Become an oasis
A cool electricity for to startle this torch of comatose
This perspirant blanket of wool
Induces rashes of superfluous unsettling
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