Maximillian Allaistair Pobblesworth III (das_ubermensch) wrote,
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Jesus was a closet Republican

The comatose cow
Was it good for you?
Nothing like so many faces which drift pass their
That's the way your life can happen
If you acquiesce
But if you're born mute
Then you're fucked
What do you do then
Cower in the catacombs?
If you can't be the stones
Be the crucifix
Be the nails
Be part of the hatred
Catch the wave dude!
Me? I'm unsubstantiated
But i am the crown of thorns
And i do not want this
You can't turn the other cheek
When you're nailed to the cross
Misanthropy for sale at a coonvenience store near you
It's now or when your face corrodes in the acid mist
Vagrant souls
Kill 'em so they don't have to kill themsleves
Some people just aren't fit for living
They trust
They love
They hurt
They Fail
I bleed and bleed and bleed
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